About Us

Ozzie Dots is your one stop shop for costume, costume accessories, costume separates, vintage clothing, hats, wigs, eyelashes, mustaches, beards, costume makeup, hosiery, and more.


Ozzie Dots has been in Los Angeles since 1985, however the store originated in Silverlake in the early 70’s as Aaardvarks Odd Ark, which was located near Soap Plant/Wacko’s first store on Sunset Blvd.  The store was purchased by its manager who had a passion for costume and mixed it with vintage clothing and it became Ozzie Dots.

In 1994 Ozzie Dots moved from it’s original Sunset Junction location to where we are now located in the Los Feliz Village on Hollywood Blvd. at Rodney St.

As history is known to repeat, Ozzie Dots once again is located next door to Soap Plant/Wacko/La Luz de Jesus, on a dynamic street featuring many businesses, restaurants and bars.

In 2014, Ozzie Dots was acquired by a new owner, who continues to operate and enhance the Ozzie Dots experience for generations to come.

The Name

Where on earth the name “Ozzie Dots” came from?  The idea came from the logo which featured a bulldog named “OD” who was wearing a bandana with polka dots.  Somehow the name “Ozzie Dots” seemed perfect.

The Dollar Sale

Ozzie Dots started the Dollar Sale once a month many years ago. Were we the first?  I’m not sure, but people love our monthly sale. Below is the latest Dollar Sale date, or call the store for the latest date.

  • Saturday, August 5th